A Lot of ‘Salem’s Lot

September 13th, 2016

‘Salem’s Lot has gone from being Stephen King’s second published novel, to an influential 1979 mini-series, to a second mini-series in 2004 that expanded on the townsfolk and the darkness of the doomed Maine town of ‘Salem’s Lot.

Join Kat and Marshall as they take a bite out of this story of vampires in a small town and follow its effect on the next couple decades of vampire movies.  Stay tuned as the Boys and Ghouls duo compares characters from the original novel to their mini-series counterparts and judge each of the works on how well they manage to evoke the feeling of autumn.

Also, listen in as they recap their day spent at the Scare LA convention and as they try a limited-run Ghostbusters tie-in snack cake.

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