Can’t Get Enough Of The Stuff

April 22nd, 2018

The Stuff, the greatest killer-desert movie of 1985, is the topic of this tasty episode of “Boys and Ghouls”.


From it’s top-tier actors to its practical special effects,  Kat and Marshall make a meal out of this fantastic piece of mid-80’s cheese. 


Served up with great aplomb by its writer-director Larry Cohen, The Stuff has a lot of plates spinning, as it attempts different types of horror along with satire, a buddy movie, and an action movie.  Along the way it makes points about what we consume, how its sold to us, and how we sell it to ourselves.  Plus, Danny Aiello is attacked by a Stuff-spewing Doberman Pinscher.


Also, listen in as Marshall details his trip to a celebrity estate sale (no one died) and shares what he bought with Kat.

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