Ghoul-O-Rama (Classic Episode)

June 1st, 2015

The third ever Boys and Ghouls episode has risen from the grave, returned with the purpose of entertaining and informing you all about the gags and gimmicks of horror movie ballyhoo.

Listen in as the Boys and Ghouls duo pay homage to the king of horror film promotion, William Castle.  They detail how he brought the movie-going public, skeletons flying over the audience, life insurance in case they died of fright, and devices in the seats to zap their butts.

Stay tuned as ballyhoo is further explored in the territory of hypo movies and promotional vomit bags!  Then, Marshall and Kat perform their interpretation of what it would have been like to actually call Freddy Krugger’s 1-900 number.

BE FOREWARNED: As novice podcasters, when recording this episode, the microphone was placed too close to the laptop that was recording it.  As a result, the sound of the laptop’s fan plays hell with this classic episode’s audio quality.  Still, the content of the episode is fun and funny and full of great facts.  

Nurses will be standing by in the lobby to assist the faint of heart.