It’s Clowns

April 13th, 2016

Clowns in horror movies can make you scream... with laughter.  But also with terror.  So join the Boys and Ghouls duo as they take a long look at a few of these most frightening jokesters.

Starting at the top, we spend some time with Pennywise, the terrifying manifestation of evil from the 1990 mini-series, "Stephen King's It".  Then, for a laugh, we talk about the comedy horror sci-fi cult favorite, "Killer Klowns From Outer Space".  Later, we find a diamond in the rough with the greatest Irish killer clown movie of 2012, "Stitches".

And the laughs don't stop there.

Also, Kat tells Marshall about watching challenging horror movies.  And Marshall serves hors d'oeuvres that say, "hospitality".
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