May 19th, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis is the subject of this episode of “Boys and Ghouls”.  Specifically, three of the movies that helped cement her as a scream queen.  Bookended by the first two “Halloween” films, we take a look at “The Fog”.  By the creative team behind “Halloween”, it’s her only paranormal horror film.  Then, it’s back to slashers with “Prom Night” and then the slasher-on-a-train triumph, “Terror Train”.


For the “Boys and Ghouls” duo’s perspective on the “Halloween” films, give a listen to our classic episode, “It’s Halloween” for part one, and “Trading Terrors” for part two (in which Marshall watches it for the first time, to Kat’s delight).


Also, Kat tells Marshall about her night out to a back-alley screening of a surprise horror film on 16mm. 

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