Naughty Or Nice

December 14th, 2016

Krampus, the Christmas goat-demon of alpine folklore, meets gremlins, the airplane sabotaging imps, in this holiday episode of Boys and Ghouls.


Listen in as Kat and Marshall discuss the origins of these mythical monsters who, at least in the movies, come around at Christmas.  Krampus acts as the bad-cop to St. Nicholas’ good-cop and delivers punishments to the naughty while St. Nick provides presents to the nice.  Gremlins, meanwhile, cause mayhem wherever they go; particularly to machines.  And in the 1983 film, “Gremlins”, they deliver all of their destruction to a small town on Christmas Eve.  Then, in 2015’s “Krampus”, a family that has lost the Christmas spirit must defend themselves against the shadow-side of Santa and his many malicious helpers.


So, take a seat by the fire as we explore the merchandising of both of these fearful beasts, as well as how Krampus has found its way to America and how “Gremlins” began as a straightforward horror film but turned into a ratings-pushing family friendly fare.


Yule love it!

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