Oh, Cannibal

November 20th, 2016

Cannibals are the topic of this, the latest ever Boys and Ghouls episode.  So listen in, as Kat and Marshall sink their teeth into this staple of the horror genre.  For an appetizer big enough to share, Kat presents a history of cannibalism; from ancient tribes to the snowbound American settlers.  And she lets you know what can happen when you have more brains than what’s good for you.


The main course is a look at the most infamous cannibal movie, “Cannibal Holocaust”.  It’s a movie about people eating people that can leave you without much appetite.  We also serve up a portion of 1999’s “Ravenous” and 1996’s “Cannibal!  The Musical”.


For desert, we have the “Tales From the Crypt” episode, What’s Cookin’ as well as “Eating Raoul” and the 2015 cannibal comedy, “Gravy”.


Also, Kat and Marshall discuss making some ink in an actual hold-it-in-your-hands magazine.


Bon appetit.


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