Something Wicked This Way Comes (Classic Episode)

January 1st, 2015

Ray Bradbury wrote the book and then screenplay for “Something Wicked This Way Comes” about a sinister carnival that preys on the desires of a small town in yesteryear Illinois.  As well as a master of horror, Bradbury was a master of nostalgia and simpler times.  And, way back in the simpler times of 2012, recorded in tribute of Bradbury’s passing, the Boys and Ghouls duo dedicated an episode to the masterwork’s movie adaptation.

While Marshall had been getting spooked for years by this tale of two boys running afoul a dark carnival, Kat watched it for the first time right before recording their classic episode.  

So, listen in as we take this ride through a great movie that still holds up (made by Disney all the way back in the golden days of 1983) for spooking kids and adults alike.