Trading Terrors

March 16th, 2017

Hosts Kat and Marshall have exchanged favorites, requiring both of them to watch a horror movie that they have never seen before, but that the other host loves.


First, Marshall reveals that he had never seen one of Kat’s seasonal favorites, 1981’s “Halloween II”.  Along with Kat, who has watched it untold times since childhood, they explore this slasher-sequel and take a look at what happens when, just a few years later, you do a follow-up to a game-changer.  


Then, Kat reports back what happened when she watched Marshall’s long-time Vincent Price favorite, 1963’s “A Comedy of Terrors”.  Listen and find out what happened.  (Spoiler: she thought it was kinda funny, it’s a comedy).  With Marshall, they discuss how hilarity can ensue when you get a bunch of masters of horror in the same movie together.


So, join us please, as we tit-for-tat and quid pro quo with a couple of horror gems that are so good that one of the hosts loves it and, up until now, the other host had never seen it ever.

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