We Watched Horror Noire

August 14th, 2021

The documentary “Horror Noire” has become the touchstone for the Boys and Ghouls podcast’s exploration into the participation of black actors and filmmakers in the last century of scary movies.


Give a listen to our longest episode ever (by ten minutes) as we share what we’ve learned about; the trope of the frightened black side-kick in the horror-comedies of yesteryear, how actor Duane Jones helped “Night of the Living Dead” flip the script on the zombie tradition, how Jones went on to become a sophisticated post-Blacula vampire in “Ganja and Hess”, the influence of “The Exorcist” on the blaxploitation era, all about the original “Candyman” movie, and where things have gone since the success of “Get Out”.


We hope you enjoy it.

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