What’s in the Box

June 29th, 2018

VHS box covers for horror movies were excellent at getting people to take them home and watch them.  But, for the young Boys and Ghouls duo, they were often sources of morbid mystery that, until they were old enough to rent these potentially terrifying titles, would just entice them and cause them to wonder, WHAT’S IN THE BOX?



Join Kat and Marshall as they share those video store memories, telling which boxes caught their eye and stirred their imaginations at what possibly could be happening on the VHS tape within.  Together, they finally visit the toilet dwelling terrors, “Ghoulies”.  And discover what was peaking out of the basket from the covers of “Basket Case”.



Kat goes into a history of artistic representations of movies, first the poster and then the home video packaging, and Marshall solves his thirty year mystery of what really goes on in 1989’s “Relentless”.  And they both discover what’s behind the solitary close-up of a ventriloquist dummy on the box for “Magic” (1978).



These titles and more, that called to them from the shelves of the video store (mostly in its heyday of the 1980s) are unearthed and examined in this exhuming episode of Boys and Ghouls.

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