Witching Hour

November 13th, 2014

Witches in the movies, witches who ride brooms, and witches who don’t ride brooms are discussed in this spellbinding episode of Boys and Ghouls.

Listen in as Kat details the witch hunt of 1692 Salem and the more recent witch hunt of the West Memphis Three.  Then, Marshall bridges the gap between the movie “I Married A Witch” and television’s “Bewitched”.

Before the hour is through, Marshall will make a shocking discovery about “Little Witches” and Kat will share her viewing experience of the witchsploitation classic, “The Virgin Witch” before declaring her eternal devotion to 1996’s “The Craft”.

Also, Kat can barely contain herself after showing Marshall “Hocus Pocus” all-the-way-through for his first time ever.


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